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Democrat Unveils Radical Plan to End Abortions

Democrats have come up with some pretty outrageous plans in the past, but this one really takes the cake.

Democrat State Rep. Diane Pappas of Illinois actually recommended castrating men to solve the problem of abortion.

Radical Ideas

Rep. Pappas just took radical to a whole new level.

We found the information on an Illinois Republican website called The Wayne Township Republican Organization.

The reveal was provided by Jackie Hayden, who had apparently met with Pappas along with a group of her fellow citizens to talk to her about House Bill 2495.

HB2495, in Hayden’s words, will put Illinois at the head of the pack in terms of allowing unrestricted abortions.

Pappas told the group, “You know ladies, with technology the way it is, we wouldn’t have an abortion problem if we applied a plan.

“Now, I’ve been told it’s a bit radical, but if we allowed men to be castrated, took the sperm to the bank, collected tax dollars for it for storage, then when it’s time, to have the man decide he’s ready to begin a family… well, then, the problem is solved.”

Extreme Democrats

Obviously, Ms. Hayden and her group were stunned at what Pappas had to say.

Just for a cherry on top of this radical liberal sundae, Pappas also made accusations of racism at one of the ladies in attendance.

Additionally, Hayden stated that Pappas lied to her about the actual state of the bill, telling her it was dead for the time being and would be reviewed again next year.

That is not the case, however, as Hayden stated at the time of her article, the bill was in front of the Rules Committee for review.

In response to the bill, Ms. Hayden will be attending a pro-choice event being held by the Personal PAC on May 1.

Now, I know most of our readers are from the south, but it would not hurt to show Jackie and her friends a little support on this one and expose this woman for the radical she truly is.

We can email her, call her, and we can pass this along to everyone we know to prove just how idiotic and radical this new breed of Democrat really is:

Representative Diane Pappas (D) 45th District
District Office:
One Tiffany Pointe
Suite G3
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
(224) 520 -8838

Source: The Wayne Township Republican Organization

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