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Pence Says Rise in Cases Mostly Young People

Vice President Mike Pence made an announcement this weekend that is very telling about our fight against COVID-19.

While most media outlets are concentrating on the rising numbers of positive tests, they are neglecting to say why these numbers are happening as well as who the major culprit is.

Younger People Getting COVID-19

The reopening of the economy meant that more young people were going to be back out in the working world.

This means more exposure and the likelihood of contracting the virus.

We also just went through a period of almost daily protesting, most of which was done by younger people.

As we all saw, the conditions during these protests and riots were exactly what COVID-19 needs to spread.

Close quarters, no mask, and we can probably assume these individuals were not applying hand sanitizer or worrying about where they were sneezing or coughing then they were lighting our streets on fire and looting businesses.

Pence addressed this very issue, stating, “What is happening here is a combination of increased testing — we’re able to test a great deal more Americans than we were able to several months ago — but it also may be indication that as we’re opening our economy up, that younger Americans have been congregating in ways that may have disregarded the guidance that we gave on the federal level for all the phases of reopening.”

More Testing and Fewer Deaths

There is another HUGE point the media is completely missing here and that is while cases are on the rise, death rates are far lower than what we saw in the early days of this pandemic.

More people than ever are recovering, which is attributable to younger, stronger people getting the virus as well as far more testing being done.

Older Americans were dying off somewhere around five percent or so but current death rates are less than one percent, far lower.

The virus takes about a month to run its course, which means we should be seeing the death tolls now from the first cases that were contracted during rioting and states reopening.

On Sunday, New York only had 32 deaths. States that have reopened, such as Texas and Florida, reported 10 and 27 deaths respectively. The largest death count in the entire country was California with 31.

This is HUGE yet the media is ONLY concentrating on the rash of positive cases that continue to pop up as we try to continue to move the country forward.

The media is only focusing on the negative right now and we all know why.

The media is not even trying to hide the fact that they are working in conjunction with Democrats to create a fear and panic narrative for the sole purpose of helping Joe Biden win this election.

Sadly, it is working, as Trump continues to drop in polls and conservatives are beginning to feel defeated and frustrated over what they are starting to see.

Not to sound like a cheerleader, but this is the time we need to dig in to make sure the truth gets out and we don’t give Democrats complete rule of our political system.

I want you to think about this… if Democrats hold the House and flip the Senate as well as getting at least 60 seats, AND if Joe Biden wins the election, they will have complete control of legislation and won’t have to ask for any input at all from Republicans.

They would literally be able to pass any piece of legislation they want for at least two years, probably more, and there is nothing Republicans could do to stop them.

Now, if that does not get people up off their ass to right this ship, nothing will.

Source: Politico

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