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Psaki Tries to Spin Response Comparing Troop Accommodations to $86 Million for Undocumented Immigrants

Oh, how I love a good spin.

A journalist hit Press Secretary Jen Psaki good this week wanting to know why our troops were sleeping in parking garages while the American taxpayer is getting hit with an $86 million tab for hotel accommodations for illegals.

Jen is Struggling

Psaki has been just awful as press secretary, circling back more than she actually answers questions.

She is supposed to be the one true hub for reporters to get information, but she seems to refer journalists to other agencies more often than not.

Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson put Psaki on the spot regarding the disparity in accommodations between the two groups and she did not handle it all that well…

My question would be, if we knew troops were coming, why were accommodations not made for them prior?

That seems like a commonsense move… right?

Source: Breitbart

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