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16 Illegal Immigrants Caught on Video Jumping Texas Homeowner’s Fence

One of the biggest fears of those living in border areas is the threat of coming into contact with illegals desperate to get away from authorities.

Well, that nightmare is a reality for residents of Mission, TX that plays out several nights a week.

A local homeowner shared surveillance video of more than a dozen illegal immigrants jumping her fence to get away from border patrol agents.

The Real Story

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, our country is being overrun by illegals.

Imagine waking up to realize this happened on your property while you were asleep…

Ms. Fogg was clearly shaken by the incident.

Fogg stated, “I was shaking afterwards because oh my gosh, just knowing I didn’t wake up when they were crossing – that was even more scary.”

“It was unnerving to think that many were here. We have migrants coming across all the time, but to have them this close and that many, I was shocked,” she added.

The Runners

After speaking with Border Patrol agents, she learned these individuals were in fact runners.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marcelino Medina stated, “It is common for Border Patrol to respond to calls from the community, whether it’s concerned citizens or residents to traffic or illegal activity along the border.”

The defense by liberals for all of this is the woman was not harmed, so no harm no foul.

Well, what happens when a group of runners included gang members or someone with a criminal record that is desperate and will do anything to avoid capture by the Border Patrol?

There is no reason Americans should have to deal with this type of danger in their own homes.

Trump continues to battle with Democrats and is now threatening to shut down the southern border altogether.

A drastic measure such as that would not have to be taken if Democrats would just sit down and treat this like the serious problem that it is.

Build the wall, beef up border security, and create incentives for countries like Mexico to help us control the immigration problem.

It is time for Democrats to stop playing partisan politics and to start working for the people of this country that they represent.

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