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Op-Ed: The Hypocrisy Over the Killing of General Soleimani

Ever since General Soleimani was killed, Democrats are treating Trump as though he is some type of war criminal.

The killing of one of the most notorious terrorists of our time resulted in a House resolution to prevent Trump from taking further action against Iran without congressional approval.

This is a stark contrast to how Democrats treated Barack Obama during his time in office, especially considering some of the truly outrageous mistakes that were made during his administration.

Killing Wedding Parties Seems to be Okay

During the Bush and Obama administrations, there were hundreds of civilians killed as collateral damage during drone strikes.

This is in complete contrast to Donald Trump, who earlier called off a drone strike because of estimates of as many as 150 people being killed to carry out a strike.

Trump should have been applauded for this decision, but Democrats chose to call him weak and ineffective.

We can compare that to a strike that was carried out by Obama, which was probably one of the most atrocious attacks under his administration.

On December 12, 2013, a strike was carried out in Yemen that should have brought considerable heat against Obama by his fellow Democrats.

A wedding party was leaving the bride’s parents home to head to the home village of the groom.

There were about four dozen people in the travel party when the group stopped to change what was apparently a flat tire.

While the convoy was waiting for the tire to be fixed, a loud noise could be heard from above, then it happened.

Four Hellfire missiles struck one of the vehicles, sending shrapnel everywhere.

When the dust cleared, a dozen people were dead and more than a dozen injured.

The strike resulted in a much stricter policy that would assure virtually no civilians would be killed in a drone strike to take out a terrorist target, but nobody in the party wanted to hold Obama accountable, nor were they looking to put any restrictions on Obama to carry out strikes.

Two years before that strike, Nancy Pelosi was asked about Congress putting more restrictions on these types of strikes due to growing civilian casualties.

Here was her reply…

Compare that reaction to drafting a House resolution and Donald Trump getting roasted by the media over the Soleimani attack.

Had Democrats worked to hold Obama in check, I could understand their stance now, but as history shows, all we ever heard from Democrats on Obama was crickets.

The partisanship is sickening, especially when you consider Trump took out a man that was arguably the most dangerous terrorist alive at the time.

This is just partisan politics and political theater and as much as Democrats want to blame conservatives and Trump for creating divide in this country, it is sickening acts such as what we are seeing today from Democrats that are at the true root of the division in our country.

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