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REPORT: Migrant Children Being Held More Than 10 Days

With the massive surge at the border, facilities are overwhelmed.

The sheer number of migrants that have crossed the border has prevented Customs and Border Patrol from being able to process migrants quick enough, including unaccompanied children.

Reports are now surfacing that some children have been in custody for more than 10 days, which is completely illegal.

72-Hour Legal Limit

Current law mandates that children be processed within 72 hours of being taken into custody.

According to a CNN report, Border Patrol records now show that 822 children have been in “jail-like” conditions for more than 10 days.

This number is reportedly climbing every day, as the administration struggles to keep up with the flow increase that has occurred as a direct result of Joe Biden’s very loose immigration policies.

When asked about the situation, DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas stated that officials are “working around the clock to move those children out of the Border Patrol facilities into the care and custody of the Department of Health and Human Services that shelters them.”

He added, “I have said repeatedly from the very outset that a Border Patrol station is no place for a child.”

That excuse did not cut it when Trump was in office for Democrats, so there is no way Democrats should accept that excuse from one of their own.

The fact the media is still not losing its mind over this just shows the media has simply become another arm of the Democrat Party.

Source: CNN

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