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Senator Cruz Issues Urgent Warning If Filibuster is Killed

The filibuster is the only control we have in the Senate to ensure one party does not run roughshod over the other when it holds a small majority.

Reconciliation was put in place to circumvent this rule already, but that is only permissible for budgetary legislation.

Holding the tie-breaker vote, now Democrats want to kill the filibuster altogether, which, according to Senator Cruz (R-TX), would lead to a complete and radical makeover of the country.

It’s All We Have Left

With the Senate now at a 50-50 tie, Harris’ vote is issued as the tie-breaker in all majority-only votes.

We saw what Democrats did with the COVID relief package by having that control, so imagine what happens if they can do that on any piece of legislation, which ending the filibuster would enable them to do.

Cruz stated, “Everyone on the left is pounding on Manchin and Sinema.

“They are pressing on them to end the filibuster and pass this radical agenda.”

He added, “If Democrats succeed in ending the filibuster, they will ram through the most dangerous radical agenda this country has ever seen.

“If they end the filibuster, we will see amnesty for every illegal alien in America.

“If they end the filibuster, we will see them coming after our guns and attempting national gun registries and confiscation.”

You can see the full segment with Senator Cruz in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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