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About SPN

Welcome to Southern Patriot News!

SPN is an alt-media news/opinion blog that was brought about by necessity. Since 2016, the mainstream media and social media have largely dictated what Americans get to see in terms of the news. SPN was started to change that. Our goal here is to find news that is relevant and important to conservative Americans and ensure they see it. For a little extra flavor, we throw in some commentary.

The website was started by Gerald C. McConway, Jr. Gerald (Jerry) is a small business owner who, like many of his readers, became disenfranchised with our political system due to the blatantly corrupt nature of our elected officials. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2016 presidential election, it spurred a new interest for Jerry, so he ventured into political blogging. The first site Jerry worked on was the Angry Patriot Movement.

The goal of that website was to capture the emotion of the everyday Americans that simply had enough and wanted Washington, D.C. flushed of all the criminals. That website became extremely popular at its height, with monthly readership ranging anywhere from five to more than 10 million unique users every month. We can say without question that the Angry Patriot Movement was one of the more influential alt-media outlets during the 2016 election.

Once the election was over, so was Angry Patriot Movement. Jerry moved on and the project folded, but here we are, back in the same situation again, so Jerry decided to start yet another project… Southern Patriot News. Now living in Arkansas and spending considerable time in the Dallas area, Jerry wanted a publication that reflected the concerns of southern conservatives that were being talked about at the local tavern, which is what we believe SPN has come to encompass.

Ideally, this publication will grow over time and the staff will expand to host a collection of writers that reflect a wide array of conservative opinions. While SPN does not currently have paid staff, if you would like to submit an article for publication, please contact Jerry McConway at

About Gerald McConway

Gerald McConway grew up on the east coast, living most of his life in Philadelphia as well as the Southern New Jersey shore area in Sea Isle City, a small barrier island along the east coast. Fed up with the east coast liberal mentality, Jerry moved west, living and working in Arkansas while also trying to get his small business established and growing in Dallas, TX.

During this time, Jerry started to actively blog about politics, eventually leading to the creation of the Angry Patriot Movement. Today, in addition to his primary business, Jerry currently writes for multiple conservative-oriented alt-media publications. Collectively, Jerry’s readership is between 500,000 to 1,000,000 readers per month, arguably making him one of the most influential conservative political opinion bloggers in the country.