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Biden Team Calls ‘Lid’ Early Monday Over Mounting Pressure on Border Crisis

I have never in my life seen a man hide like Joe Biden does from the media.

After pictures had surfaced regarding the border crisis early Monday, the Biden team called a lid at 1:13 p.m.

Trump, of course, took full advantage to lob more bombshells at Biden.

No Transparency

After the lid was called, Trump appeared on Fox News to blast Biden.

When Trump was asked about the transparency of the new administration, he stated, “There is none.

“And, you know, I guess you’re supposed to have a press conference on Thursday.

“But the questions will all be softballs.”

That more or less reinforced what I said last week when the presser was announced, as I firmly believe the White House will try to dictate the questions to ensure Biden is well-prepared.

I also stated that we could expect a lot of short days this week so Biden could get well rested for the presser, and so far, the administration is falling in line with that prediction.

I would expect more of the same all week as they try to make sure Biden does not crash and burn during his presser.

It will not matter what is going on in the world or this country this week, because Joe is going to have to be tucked safely away very early each night to get his rest.

Source: Washington Examiner

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