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Op-Ed: Joe Biden Is the LAST Person That Should Be Preaching About Morality

Most people don’t like to be told how to live their lives. Yet, people like Joe Biden continue to preach to us about moral high ground when is past, his record, and his family are from the ideal example of how we should be conducting ourselves.

I will be the first person to admit that Joe Biden, throughout his career in the Senate, lived on his salary and on the surface, he did not seem to be corrupt. When you dig into his record, though, and you look at his son’s activities, it is quite clear that Joe Biden is the last person in this election that should be lecturing anyone on morality.

Hunter Biden is a disgrace of a human being, yet Joe continuously acts as though Hunter is an angel.

In terms of corruption, you are about to find out that while Joe Biden may have never “personally” benefited from his time in office, he made virtually every member of his family rich.

Hunter Biden

I will not waste your time discussing the board position for Burisma or Hunter’s equity firm, as both of these “opportunities” for Hunter have been beaten to death by every right-wing publication in existence.

I will, however, dive into the numerous other areas where Joe Biden paved a way for Hunter to fill his bank accounts with millions of dollars.

For instance, Hunter’s time at Oldaker, Biden, & Belair, LLP (OBB).

This was a lobbying firm that was founded by William Oldaker, who also happened to serve as a legal advisor for Joe Biden. Hunter was brought on board in 2001.

The firm specialized in appropriations lobbying, meaning they worked for their clients to secure funding from the government through grants and such.

This firm provided “earmarks” to Senator Joe Biden. In 2006, congressional members were forced to report if any of their family members were profiting in any way from these earmarks that were being pushed, so Hunter’s career as an appropriations lobbyist was over.

The fact that Hunter left the firm rather than continuing should have been a huge red flag about Joe Biden, but nobody paid attention.

Hunter entered the lobbying game again, though, working for a company called PartyGaming, which operated out of Gibraltar and was being heavily scrutinized by the DOJ. Oddly enough, Joe Biden was serving on a committee that had oversight of the DOJ at the time.

The company stayed out of trouble until Joe Biden announced he would be running as Obama’s running mate in 2008. Ironically enough, with Hunter Biden no longer lobbying for the company and Joe Biden off oversight of the DOJ, the company’s founder pled guilty to violating the Wire Act and paid a fine of $300 million. Coincidence?

Now, while everyone is focused on Hunter in Ukraine and China, these were not the only two countries where he was able to sink his hooks in and profit from his father’s connections. Among other countries, Hunter also had some profitable deals working in Kazakhstan, Russia (surprise!), and yes, right here in the United States.

One of the more blatant acts by Joe Biden to feed money to his son was a Hawaiian joint venture with Devon Archer called “mbloom.”

The firm owned by Archer and Biden ponied up $5 million, with Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation (HSDC) matching the contribution. HSDC, unbeknownst to many, had received a $3 million from a federal program called the Treasury Department State Small Business Initiative. Who oversaw that initiative? That would be Don Graves, a man that had served as Joe Biden’s aide for quite some time.

If you want to know how tight Joe Biden and Graves were, consider the fact that after Biden’s term as Vice President was over, Graves was appointed to the Biden Institute’s policy advisory board.

MBloom was also covered in controversy, with money from the firm being rerouted into the personal accounts of companies being operated by the two men who were running the fund.

The last financial scandal, but certainly not the last scandal, I want to leave you with about Hunter Biden is something called the Burnham Asset Management scandal. While Joe Biden pretends to be a friend to labor and unions, this particular venture, in which Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were a part of, defrauded numerous pension funds to the tune of $60 million. Hunter was never directly charged in the case, but Devon Archer was. Even so, most that have evaluated the case agree that Hunter Biden was deeply involved and more than likely only got away from the scandal due to the fact his father was Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s character issues are just as bad as his business dealings in terms of hurting Joe Biden. In 1998, just as his father was pushing harsher prison sentences for drug offenders, Hunter Biden was arrested on drug charges at the Jersey shore. The arrest took place in my old neck of the woods, Stone Harbor, NJ (I lived in Sea Isle City, a neighboring town, for eight years). Hunter was only 18 at the time and his record was expunged, not to mention the entire incident had been completely covered up, with only locals ever really knowing about it until it became public knowledge much later.

During a speech after that event, Joe Biden stated, “If there were no drug users, there would be no market for them.” Unfortunately, Joe never mentioned the fact his son fit that demographic and he got off without so much as a slap on the wrist because of his daddy. This, by the way, is the same arrest that Hunter Biden needed to secure a waiver for when he was given a direct commission into the United States Navy (there was a second exception given because Hunter Biden was over the maximum age allowed). Even with all those favors cashed in, however, Hunter still managed to screw it up when he tested positive just a few months after entering the Navy, which was the reason he was booted from Naval service.

Hunter Biden’s bouts with alcohol and drugs are legendary, as are the stories of Hunter Biden at strip clubs, most notably Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in D.C. When Hunter was serving on the Burisma board raking in somewhere between $50,000 and $83,000 a month, he was also reportedly showing up at Archibald’s for massive multi-day benders. It was apparently during one of his benders that he met the future mother of his illegitimate child, an affair and a child he refused to acknowledge until he was taken to court for child support and the DNA test proved the child was his. Hunter was literally a deadbeat dad while his father was running for president, but the subject has barely been broached the mainstream media. In fact, every time someone brings it up, Biden goes off the rails and refuses to even discuss it.

I would note, however, that when you are preaching about restoring the moral fabric of the country, telling your son to step up and take responsibility should be at the top of his list considering the moral high ground that he constantly preaches.

Now, this just one family member, but the corruption and morality issues go much deeper for Joe Biden, starting with Joe’s sister, Valerie.

Valerie Biden Owens (Sister)

Valerie is a perfect example of how campaign funds and connections can be exploited to make family members rich. Valerie’s career got started as Joe Biden’s campaign manager for every Senate run and his two previous failed presidential runs. When she was not making money out of his campaign fund, Valerie was raking in a massive paycheck working for a firm called Joe Slade White & Company. During Joe’s 2008 presidential run, the firm was paid a reported $2.5 million, and this is just one campaign. Valerie had a run of almost two decades profiting from Joe Biden in this way.

Ashley and Dr. Howard Krein (Daughter and Son-in-Law)

Joe Biden always took care of his kids, from Beau to Hunter to Ashley. Her husband, Dr. Howard Krein was involved with a startup in the healthcare industry called StartUp Health. In 2011, nobody knew anything about this company, but the officers somehow received an Oval Office meeting. That meeting involved two officers of the company, the President, and Vice President of the United States. When they walked out of the office, they had secured a feature spot at a healthcare conference being hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services. From that point, the company became a virtual overnight success, all because Biden’s son-in-law mentioned the company to Biden at a family function.

In 2019, the company reportedly had $13.7 billion in funding, so, once again, Joe Biden has made a family member filthy rich.

James Biden (brother)

James is the younger brother of Joe and like Valerie, got his initial start at the ripe old age of 22. When Joe ran for office the first time, James was named as his campaign finance chairman. It kind of reminds me of Hunter in that James had no experience, but Joe wanted to make sure he was funneling campaign money to another family member.

From what I have been able to find out, other than running Joe’s campaign finances, James benefited by being regularly invited to major social events at the White House, where he was able to make significant business contacts. James was also regularly at Joe Biden’s beach house in Florida and allowed to accompany Joe Biden on numerous strips abroad when Biden was a Senator.

In terms of James making his money, this all got started when Joe Biden became VP and could help direct James in the right direction. Look no further than a company called Hillstone International. The company was a subsidiary of Hill International, which had major ties to Biden’s money men. When James joined Hillstone, he has zero construction experience, so this was clearly a favor being paid to Joe Biden, the Vice President.

When the United States was taking contract bids to help rebuild Iraq, it was Hillstone that won a contract to build 100,000 homes, a full 20 percent of the $35 billion, 500,000 home project. The reason this probably did not raise may red flags at the time was because the contract given to Hillstone was given to them through the company that won the entire bid, TRAC Development (South Korea). So, unless you dug through the records of the South Korean company, this would have been an easy miss.

In another deal, though, the government was not so slick, directly awarding Hillstone a $22 million construction contract through the State Department. So, Joe Biden becomes VP and three years later, a brand new construction company that just happened to have his younger brother as an officer wins contracts worth billions of dollars. According to “Profiles in Corruption,” in 2012, the minority partners, of which James Biden was one, were due to split about $735 million.

As fate would have it, that contract had to be canceled in 2013, citing a lack of experience in the executing companies. Even so, Hill International continued to land government construction contracts while Joe Biden was in office. I have not been able to find exactly how much James Biden has netted from these deals, but he clearly made millions thanks to Biden donors doing Joe a favor and hiring his younger brother.

James Biden, however, was not paying his taxes and had a lien placed against him in 2015. Reports stated that James Biden owed a total of $590,000 in taxes as well as a $74,700 lien on him home. Biden would end up receiving a mortgage loan for $900,000 to clear up his debt by 1018 PL LLC. This is a company owned by John Hynansky. As circumstances would have it, Hynansky was given a $20 million loan by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which is a federal government agency. This was to help Hynansky expand his business overseas, particularly in, wait for it, Ukraine.

Frank Biden (brother)

Like pretty much every Biden family member, Frank had nothing until Joe worked his magic. For Frank, the big break would come when Joe Biden was sent to Costa Rica to meet with its president. Frank traveled with Joe on Air Force Two, then several months later, a partnership between Frank Biden, Craig Williamson, and the Guanacaste Country Club was announced to build a new resort.

With Joe Biden serving at the point man for the Obama administration in both the Caribbean and Latin America (in addition to being the point man for Ukraine and China), the Costa Rican president was more than happy to throw his support being the project. Keep in mind, just like Hunter and James, Frank had virtually no experience in these types of business dealings. This, again, was nothing more than a nod to Joe Biden.

In 2016, Frank Biden also received a thumbs up by Costa Rica to operate solar power facilities in the country. The company with which Biden was associated was called GoSolar. Conveniently, just a year before, the OPIC put up a loan of $6.5 million of taxpayer money for the project.

This was not the only time Frank benefited by initiatives put in place by the Obama administration, either. For instance, the administration announced the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative (CESI) in 2014. USAID poured $10 million into the project and OPIC would eventually supply another taxpayer loan of $47.5 million to help build a facility in Jamaica. Surprise! Frank Biden’s company, Sun Fund Americas, was involved in these projects, raking in even more money courtesy of his brother and vice president, Joe Biden.

Frank also has a few skeletons in his closet that just shoot Joe Biden’s moral argument to shreds. Frank, like his brother James, did not like paying his taxes, reportedly owing about $32,000 in unpaid taxes. This, however, was reportedly paid in full by 2013.

The real issue, though, is a car accident Frank was involved in that killed a man in 1999. Frank, at the time, had a suspended license and even though he drove the car to his friend’s house, Frank was reportedly just a passenger at the time of the accident. However, according to witnesses in his car, he was the one working the gearshift and giving orders to the driver of the car.

While sitting in the passenger seat, Biden reportedly put the car into fourth gear and told the driver to punch it, and he did, driving upwards of 80 miles an hour in a 35mph zone. The car struck a man walking across the street, killing him, with the witnesses in the car saying that Frank Biden gave the order to keep driving.

The driver of the car, Jason Turton, would end up pleading guilty to a felony hit and run. The victim, Michael Albano, had two daughters, who would end up suing Frank Biden in a civil suit for wrongful death. They were awarded $275,000 each. It probably did not help Frank Biden’s case that he never showed up in court for the trial. Frank apparently took off, and the guardian for the girls hired a private investigator to find him. According to Schweizer’s book, the debt was never paid, a debt that would now, with interest, equal about $900,000.

While nobody could find Frank Biden, many believed that he was staying with Joe Biden from time to time, even though Joe would never give his brother up to investigators. In 2008, the attorneys for the girls reached out to Senator Joe Biden about locating Frank. The thought process was that since Joe Biden had lost his first wife and daughter to a car accident, he might be sympathetic. That was not the case, though. Instead, they were sent a letter, stating, “Senator Biden has received your letter of September 19 regarding a judgment of your clients against his brother Frank. The Senator wishes to express his deepest sympathy with the Albano daughters over their loss. While it is correct, as you state, that Senator Biden was not involved in the accident and bears no legal liability for the judgment, the Senator would certainly encourage his brother to pay the judgment if his personal financial circumstances made that at all possible. As you are aware, however, Frank has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment. The Senator regrets that is where matters stand and that he cannot be more helpful.”

I would have to ask, though, if Frank had no money, how did he have a tax lien against him, as stated above? A tax lien, mind you, that had been filed a week before the date on the Biden letter to the Albano daughters’ attorney. And, even if he did not have the money then, he has made enough to pay the debt now and considering the net worth of Joe and Jill Biden combined was estimated at $9 million in 2019 by Forbes, maybe he could give his brother a loan so those two girls could have a better life.

That, patriots, is the real story behind Joe Bide and his family. The man that preaches about morality has a drug addict, alcoholic, deadbeat dad son, he has made his sister, his son-in-law, and his brothers rich. Those same brothers were both tax cheats, with one of them refusing to pay a court settlement for his role in a man’s death, a hit and run accident where the order to drive on and leave the scene was given by Frank Biden.

So, next time Joe Biden comes to your city for a town hall or rally, ask him about his family history and watch his reaction. My guess is that he will call you a liar, get in your face, and ultimately refuse to answer your questions.

This, however, is how we beat him. We expose the truth and we continue to confront him and demand answers. Every day that we do this, we are one step closer to both removing Joe Biden from the picture but also bringing him to justice.

The primary sources for this article were Peter Schweizer’s “Profiles in Corruption,” The New York Post, Yahoo, and Yahoo Finance.

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