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Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Pounces on Biden Stumble

By now, the whole world knows that Joe Biden stumbled up the steps of Air Force One.

The media and Democrats are treating it like no big deal, which is odd considering how they reacted when Trump slipped heading down a wet ramp as well as when he took a drink of water at the podium one time.

This is no longer funny with Joe Biden, as his recent behavior shows early signs of very serious medical conditions, conditions some now believe are a national security risk.

It’s a Problem

Our enemies are watching and what they see is a weak man that is either blown over by the wind or someone that possibly has the early stages of Alzheimer’s developing (regular loss of balance is a major symptom).

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller stated, “Our adversaries around the world — Iran, Russia and Venezuela and China — they are looking at the United States and its chief representative, the president of our country, who is unable to get through even a softball interview without a cheat sheet and falls three times going up a flight of stairs. It’s sad to watch.”

Miller added, “I take no pleasure in it.

“This is extremely serious. I have walked up and down those stairs many times.

“They are not slippery, and the Air Force makes sure they are not slippery.”

You can see the full segment on Hannity in the video below…

Source: Fox News