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White House Releases Migrant Processing Center Photos

After significant pressure from the media for transparency over the situation at the border, the White House finally caved.

On Tuesday, the White House officially released photos of current conditions.

What these pictures showed was a clear crisis, yet the administration continues to do nothing more than spin.

The Photos

Some of the photos have been previously released by Rep. Cuellar (D-TX), but this new batch also included photos that showed conditions not fit for an animal.

This appears to be far worse than what happened in 2019 and the fact Democrats are still relatively silent about this is shocking.

Sadly, this was all preventable had Biden just left Trump’s immigration orders in effect, but after dismantling them, this is the result.

This is a self-made crisis by Joe Biden and now it is up to him to clean it up.

Send them all home, Joe, because that is where they belong!

If you would like to see more pictures of the facility, you can do so on Fox News.

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