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Arizona Border Sheriff Says Border Crisis Like the ‘Wild West’

Pinal Country Sheriff Mark Lamb has been around through several administrations.

Point being, he has seen it all, good and bad, and we can trust his judgment when it comes to their being a crisis at the border or not.

He recently appeared on Fox News, and people in this country need to hear what he has to say.

It’s the Wild West Again

Sheriff Lamb is telling us everything the administration wants to keep quiet.

In part, he stated, “[During the Obama administration] it was like the Wild West out there in the desert on the south end of our county and we’re back to that again.

“Almost every time we go out we’re finding 20 people.

“Last Wednesday, we had 49 apprehensions in my county.

“So, this is just as bad as it was back in the Obama days, probably worse and on target to be worse.”

You can see his segment in the video below…

Double Standard

It is hard to take anyone serious that is telling American citizens they can’t send their kids to school and they can’t open their business when you have this happening.

Children are being stacked in these facilities then released after being processed.

No testing, no exams, just release them into the public.

We are keeping our kids out of school, yet these children who are far more likely to have COVID are running rampant in our communities.

We all feel sorry for the children, but that does not mean this situation is not out of control and that it can continue to go unchecked.

Trump had it fixed… and Joe broke it.

Source: Fox News

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