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1988 Video Resurfaces Showing Embarrassing Lies by Biden

Democrats and Joe Biden would love us all to believe that Joe Biden always tells the truth and lying is beneath him.

Putting aside Biden’s previous presidential problems, such as plagiarism, an old 1988 video has resurfaced showing Biden has been lying to Americans for decades.

Lyin’ Joe Biden

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump dubbed Ted Cruz as Lyin’ Ted, but it now appears he should have held off on that moniker and saved it for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is currently caught up in a considerable mess due to the allegations made by Tara Reade.

Part of the defense Democrats are using is that Joe Biden is a man of honor and his word is as good as gold.

Well, let’s take a quick look back at a 1988 appearance by Joe Biden when he insulted and bullied a reporter as well as outright lied to everyone in the room.

When a journalist asked Biden where he went to school, Biden started his answer with a statement that would have today’s media up in arms were Trump to say something similar.

Biden stated, “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect.”

He would then go on to list his academic accomplishments…

The problem for Biden, though, is that virtually everything he said in that video regarding his education was a complete lie.

After his claims were investigated, it was leading story material for most news outlets.

Here is another video of the stories breaking on major outlets at the time…

Biden, of course, tried to explain his way through his misstatements.

At the time, Biden stated, “I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inaccurate.”

He further stated, “I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. My reference to degrees at the Claremont event was intended to refer to these majors – I said ‘three’ and should have said ‘two.’”

Biden also cited that his memory had failed him in his recollection of events, and this was only 1988.

So, if Biden’s memory was self-admittedly failing him back then, how can we possibly believe that in 2020, his memory is not failing him concerning the Tara Reade allegations?

Again, not saying he is guilty or innocent, but I am saying this needs to be further investigated because if there is one thing that Joe Biden has proven over the years, is that he will lie every chance he gets and hope nobody fact checks him.

Source: Mother Jones

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