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$54 Million Biden Corruption Bombshell Dropped in New Book

A new book has blown the lid off the Biden corruption machine and it brings up a LOT of questions Biden will have to answer in coming days.

“Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite” has everyone talking, especially about the $54 million windfall given to Joe Biden’s brother, Frank.

The Family Business

By now, everyone knows how Joe Biden helped his son Hunter get rich through his political connections.

This book, however, shows how Biden made getting rich off political connections the Biden family business.

The bombshell from the book was how Frank Biden was able to benefit from at least $54 million in taxpayer loans as a result of Obama administration efforts to repair U.S. relations between the United States and Costa Rica.

During the Bush administration, the two countries were at odds, mostly due to the drug trafficking from Costa Rica to the United States.

When Obama took office, as part of his apology tour, he wanted to repair this relationship, and he made Joe Biden his point man on the deal.

In the new book, Peter Schweizer states, “Just months after Vice President [Joe] Biden’s visit, in August, Costa Rica News announced a new multilateral partnership ‘to reform Real Estate in Latin America’ between Frank Biden, a developer named Craig Williamson, and the Guanacaste Country Club, a newly planned resort.”

He later added, “In real terms, Frank’s dream was to build in the jungles of Costa Rica thousands of homes, a world-class golf course, casinos, and an anti-aging center.

“The Costa Rican government was eager to cooperate with the vice president’s brother.”

Much like Hunter Biden, Frank Biden has no experience in the industry he was pitching, but he did have the right last name.

Schweizer stated, “Frank did not have any background in solar energy, but it was quite clear who he was when he pitched the project to investors.

“His brother Joe’s name figured prominently in his biography.”

This is but one instance of the Biden family cashing in while Joe held one office or another.

If you are interested in purchasing “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” click here to be redirected to Amazon to make the purchase.

Source: Breitbart

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