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Abbott Confirms Texas Will NOT Lockdown Amid COVID Surges

With every passing day, more and more Democrat governors are moving toward a second lockdown over the surge of COVID-19.

Thankfully, in states with Republican governors, we have not seen that, quite the opposite, actually.

I have stated before, I would wager that given hindsight, Trump probably wished he had never done a lockdown, or at the very least, done the lockdown for as long as it went on.

The better route seems to be to keep businesses open and protect those that are the most vulnerable, which is the exact approach Governor Abbott is taking in Texas.

Abbott stated, “We are not going to have any more lockdowns in the state of Texas.

“Our focal point is gonna be working to heal those who have COVID.

“Get them out of hospitals quickly, make sure they get back to their normal lives.”

You can read more about this report on The Blaze.

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