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Alleged Sexual Assualt Victim of Joe Biden Comes Forward

Immediately after Joe Biden announced his candidacy, there was a round of allegations made against him for sexual misconduct.

From the details given at the time, the worst of this seemed to be inappropriate touching from the patented Joe Biden move, which seems to be to come up behind a woman and bury his head in their neck to smell them.

Now, though, more information has been given by one of the women in that slew of allegations and it far worse than anyone could have imagined.

The Initial outrage

When the allegations against Biden were first made, Lucy Flores was the face everyone knew.

Flores accused Biden of kissing the back of her head and smelling her hair at an event in 2014.

Biden immediately issued a statement on the matter…

Now, one of the other women has come forward to tell more details, and it is far more horrific than the Flores story.

The Story of Tara Reade

Reade was among the original eight women that accused Biden.

At the time, Reade offered a similar story to that of Flores, but she was blatantly smeared for her accusations and even accused of being a Russian agent.

Now, Reade has come forward to tell her full story.

The downside for Reade is that she has no corroborating witnesses, which is the norm hear, but she did reportedly tell the story of what happened to her brother, among others.

According to Reade, she was tasked with delivering a gym bag to Joe Biden.

When she delivered the bag, according to Reade, the assault occurred.

She stated, “We were alone, and it was the strangest thing. There was no, like, exchange really, he just had me up against the wall.”

“His hands were on me, and underneath my clothes. He went down my skirt, but then up inside. He penetrated me with his fingers.”

Here is the audio of the interview where she revealed all this…

Biden has already denied having done this, but the media is, at least so far, pretty much ignoring this report (it has now been out for several days).

It will be very interesting to see how Democrats react, considering their response to previous allegations and the usual response of believing the accuser over the accused.

I am not saying she is right or wrong, or that Biden is guilty or innocent, but her version of the story sure sounds very much like the Biden we know exists behind the curtain and the Joe Biden everyone is starting to see when he now gets challenged in public.

He MUST be challenged on this and one way or another, we need to find out if this woman is telling the truth or a tale.

Source: Daily Wire

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