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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Flags Trump, Saudis in Extortion Scandal

By now, the entire world knows that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is having an affair.

As the e-commerce giant faces more and more scrutiny over his affair and x-rated texts, Bezos is now throwing shade on both President Trump and the Saudis as the perpetrators behind the outing of the scandalous affair.

The Leak

When the story of Bezos affair first broke in the National Enquirer, it sent Bezos into scramble mode to find out where the leak came from.

Eventually, it was believed the brother (Michael Sanchez) of Bezos’ alleged mistress (Lauren Sanchez) provided all the information to the publication.

In turn, Bezos hired a security consultant to track down just how the National Enquirer, which is owned by American Media Inc. (AMI), got its information.

Now, before going any further, it is important to mention that AMI’s ownership has a longtime friendly relationship with Trump.

Keep that in mind as the next round of allegations are made.

Bezos’ investigator reportedly tracked the hacking of the information back to the Saudis.

This spurned Bezos to throw out the possibility that this could be a political-based attack to benefit Donald Trump.

Bezos posted an extensive reply to the allegations and their source on his Facebook page, which is where he connected the dots from AMI to the Saudis and the President.

Bezos also accused AMI of trying to blackmail him over the pictures and texts or they would release them to the public.

The security officer hired by Bezos, Gavin de Becker, also penned an article detailing the leak and its source in a Daily Beast article.

He stated, “Our investigators and several experts concluded with high confidence that the Saudis had access to Bezos’ phone, and gained private information.”

AMI has since pushed back on all accusations.

The company has stated that Michael Sanchez was the sole source of their information.

The company also stated they were not shaking down Bezos, but trying to confirm their story, as is their regular practice.

Throwing Shade

Do not think for a second it is a coincidence that Bezos, who is a liberal, making these accusations against the Saudis and Trump is not a measured response to hurt Trump politically.

Bezos is taking his own misfortune and attempting to create more problems for the President.

He is clearly hoping the allegations will take the focus away from him and put even more scrutiny on President Trump, who Bezos has openly criticized in the past.

Bezos’ narrative falls right in line with the garbage people like Waters are spewing every day.

Do not be surprised if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calls for some type of investigation into this in order to tie Trump to the Saudis in a compromising way.

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