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ANTIFA Coming to Texas in September

Since the first ANTIFA protest, many Texans have been waiting for the group to dare to come to their state.

Now, Texans are getting their wish, as ANTIFA is scheduled to arrive in El Paso, TX on September 1 and expects to stay there until September 10.

The 10-Day Siege

ANTIFA is picking one of the safer spots in the state to make its appearance.

El Paso, as most of you already know, is the home of Democrats presidential candidate and uber-liberal Beto O’Rourke.

Even so, conservative Texans will no doubt flock to the area for a much-anticipated confrontation with the group many of us consider to be domestic terrorists.

The promotional materials being put out by ANTIFA for the 10-day event are more than a bit controversial.

ANTIFA is classifying the El Paso stop as a “Border Resistance Convergence.”

The promotional flyers ANTIFA is using show ICE agents being attacked and killed.

One image has an ICE agent on the ground, apparently dead, after being hit with several arrows.

Rude Awakening

While the overall plan of attack by ANTIFA is not yet known, it is a pretty safe assumption that if they plan on making their flyer come to life, they are going to be in for a rude awakening.

They will not only be dealing with Border Patrol agents but also a heavy military presence.

Governor Abbott had previously sent the Texas National Guard to the border to assist with operations.

Point being, ANTIFA will not have the usual cupcake protesters lining up against them this time around.

It is also probably a fairly safe bet that if reports from the previous events leading up to El Paso (ANTIFA has seven more scheduled stops before El Paso) are filled with violence, Gov. Abbott is going to have the entire state on lockdown and ready to act.

Of course, there are also the conservative Texans that have just been frothing at the mouth hoping ANTIFA would try to pull the nonsense they did in Portland in the Lone Star State.

My best guess is that ANTIFA will either lay down and choose to go completely non-violent or cut this visit short, if it even happens at all.

ANTIFA is not welcome in Texas and I am fairly sure that message will be received loud and clear once they cross the state line.

Editors Note: Lead Stories is now claiming the group holding the rally is NOT affiliated with ANTIFA in any way. (Updated 8.4.2019)

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