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ANTIFA Protests Erupt in Portland During Biden Inauguration

We were all told that if Joe Biden became president, the rioting would stop, right?

Well, Joe Biden had not even left the dais yet when protests started to shred the city of Portland again.

We Don’t Want Biden

ANTIFA is a group that Donald Trump tried very hard to have designated as domestic terrorists.

Democrats pushed back, however, with Joe Biden at one point touting the group for standing up for social justice.

Let’s see how he feels about the group now that they are protesting him.

Here is a recent report from Fox News over the rioting that occurred during the Biden inauguration…

And here is a local news report…

These people simply don’t care, but the left has coddled them for the last four years, so now they feel emboldened to do this…

Portland was far from the only city that saw violence and destruction from left-wing protests.

However, for the most part, these “protests” went unreported in the national media so as not to stain Joe Biden’s big day.

It was quite the contrast to Donald Trump’s inauguration, where the media blasted him and regularly did split screens to show the unrest in the country over his election.

At some point, Democrats and the media are going to have to address these domestic terrorists, because that is exactly what they are.

When that finally does happen, all hell is going to break loose, and I would suspect it will be far worse than what we saw over the last four years.

Sources: Fox News & The Blaze

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