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AOC Backs Lawless, Anti-Police Protesters in NYC

You would think a congresswoman would decry a protest blatantly breaking laws and anti-police rhetoric, but that is not the case for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Instead of calling for law and order, AOC welcomed the protest and even encouraged it…

Who Can’t Afford $2.75?

I can honestly say, I don’t know a single person that would not be able to afford to pay a couple of bucks for mass transit.

I know kids that can afford that from selling lemonade at the golf course!

This is just another complaint from liberals that want everything in this country to be free.

Look at that video… it is nothing but a bunch of kids that are looking for a reason to riot, and it is being encouraged by sitting member of Congress!

About Those Police Officers…

If I were a police officer in New York and AOC called us for a protection detail, I think I would have to get a case of blue fever.

AOC is defending individuals screaming, “Punch that cop!” and “Don’t let these pigs touch us.”

A bus from the Mass Transit Authority was also vandalized with anti-police graffiti.

The New York Post reported one bus had “F**k NYPD and NYPD KKK” on it.

These are the same men and women that rushed into the Towers on 9/11 without fear or concern for their own lives being called out by a bunch of young punks that simply have no idea the bravery it takes to pursue this calling.

AOC is an embarrassment to this country.

At the very least, if she wanted to side with these protesters, she could have criticized them over their rhetoric against police, but she further encouraged it.

We are quickly approaching a stage of chaos throughout the country if something is not done to stop this lawlessness.

This is not protesting, it is rioting that puts the lives of innocent Americans at risk, not to mention the safety of our first responders.

AOC is not worried about that, though, as long as she gets a headline and locks down the vote of another twenty-something that is afraid to work for a living.

Source: Fox News

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