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AOC Sells Out Former Chief of Staff

Last week, after AOC’s chief of staff resigned, I stated he was being sacrificed as a way for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to get back into the good graces of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

AOC just threw Saikrat Chakrabarti under the bus, proving that statement to be true.

Regarding the tweets sent out attacking fellow Democrats by Chakrabarti, AOC stated, “I think it was divisive.

“I believe in criticizing stances, but I don’t believe in specifically targeting members.”

Not Why He Resigned

Immediately after making that comment, AOC tried to temper her statement by insisting that is not why Chakrabarti resigned.

Does anyone really believe that, though?

As I stated on August 3, he fell on his sword for the sake of AOC’s career, and I still stand by that comment.

This is AOC starting to distance herself just in case more negatives come out regarding her former chief of staff, and that very well may happen.

There have been numerous reports over the last week that he is being investigated for possible campaign funding violations, among other things.

He and AOC were tied at the hip during the time of these allegations, so if he goes down, she is likely to follow.

By painting Chakrabarti as a bit of a renegade now, she is setting the stage to completely sell him out when the sh*t hits the fan later.

Back in Nancy’s Good Graces

Somewhere along the line, AOC realized that even though she is a media darling, Pelosi is still the one that holds the reins the party.

Pelosi has withstood everything AOC threw at her, including her racist insinuations.

It also goes to show that perhaps AOC realizes The Squad itself may be in trouble and she better align herself with the right people.

Recent videos have come out showing Tlaib as a borderline psychopath and Omar is now in significant trouble for possible IRS fraud.

In a little more than a year, AOC may very well find that her entire Squad has been disbanded and commonsense dictates that she will not be able to fight off the establishment on her own.

Source: Fox News

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