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Major Surprise in Latest Democrat Primary Poll

The surprises in the Democrat party have continued today.

The latest Quinnipiac poll for the 2020 Democrat primary among liberal to moderate voters now has Joe Biden at the lead. That, however, is not the big surprise.

What is surprising is that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is now in second place.

The Quinnipiac Poll

To this point, Bernie Sanders had been enjoying a comfortable lead in virtually every poll that has been published.

This rang true even as speculation about Joe Biden announcing started to circulate.

Now, after the announcement, the entire poll has been turned upside down.

This is how it stands right now:

  1. Joe Biden – 38 percent
  2. Elizabeth Warren – 12 percent
  3. Bernie Sanders – 11 percent
  4. Pete Buttigieg – 10 percent
  5. Kamala Harris – 8 percent
  6. Beto O’Rourke – 5 percent
  7. Cory Booker – 2 percent

The rest of the field sits at one percent or lower in the poll.

The numbers within the party itself are also just as shocking.

The percentages below are listed by whom Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters believe would be the best leader:

  1. Joe Biden – 40%-31%
  2. Elizabeth Warren – 13%-9%
  3. Kamala Harris – 9%-5%
  4. Pete Buttigieg – 6%-21%
  5. Beto O’Rourke – 5%-5%
  6. Cory Booker – 3%-1%

The rest of the field was one percent or lower.

When asked who they thought had the best chance of beating Trump in the election, Biden continued to lead the pack with an overwhelming 56 percent to Bernie Sanders 12 percent.

Stop Feeding Biden

These numbers reflect what rumors inside the Trump administration have been hinting and why Trump advisers want him off Twitter when it comes to Biden.

They believe the more Trump engages Biden, the more anti-Trumpers believe he energizes Biden’s campaign, as they interpret that as Trump fearing Biden the most.

This goes along with most of the talk during the 2016 election when pundits believed Biden would have beaten Trump had he run.

Biden is trying to walk a fine line between party loyalty as well as being a centrist on many of the big issues in the media today.

For instance, he has heavily criticized the Green New Deal as well as a Medicare-for-All proposal.

That type of stance has definitely been noticed by conservatives that do not like Trump and refuse to vote for him.

However, given a choice between someone like Sanders and Trump, they will either abstain or vote for Trump.

Most, however, believe given a choice between Biden and Trump, they will probably pull the handle for Biden.

The best strategy Trump can have right now is to stay out of it, regardless of what any of the candidates are saying about him and allow the everyone in the race to go after Biden, which they are all doing.

If Biden says something or tries to engage him on social media, take notes to gather a defense during the general election but don’t comment.

Also, keep in mind, this is the first poll since Biden announced, any every newly announced candidate has enjoyed a nice bump.

We will see more realistic numbers come June.

That, however, should not make light of the fact Warren has significantly climbed the ranks and is all of a sudden a serious contender in this race.

It also has to be quite deflating for Senator Harris, who was at one time considered the outright favorite.

Something else to consider is the rising popularity of Peter Buttigieg, who is openly gay.

While he will not win the nomination, it is not out of the question for him to make a ticket or parlay his popularity to some type of role in a Democrat administration.

Dig in folks, because it looks like we are all in for one hell of a ride.

Source: Quinnipiac University Poll

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