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Barr Announcement Creates Panic Within DOJ, Dems Call for Investigation

Since Dems have failed time and again to get Trump, they must feel as though Barr is the next best thing.

After Barr withdrew the original sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone and issued a new one asking for more leniency, Dems threw a hissy fit and now they are winding up a whole new series of investigations to get both Barr and Trump.

The Issue

The big controversy here is regarding a tweet by Trump and a recommendation by Barr.

Without boring you too much, here is how all this played out…

Prosecutors in the Roger Stone case sent a recommendation to the presiding judge of 90 to 108 months.

It should be noted two of those prosecutors were on Mueller’s staff.

This is important because their frustration over how the Mueller investigation panned out could very well have played into their recommendation.

Now, if you think the recommendation is high, you are right, and it is because they looked at the extreme sentencing guidelines based on a “threat” made by Stone that nobody considered to be serious, including the person being threatened.

That threat, however, raised the offense level to 29 on the sentencing guidelines grid.

So, technically, the sentence recommendation was correct (if you took the threat seriously).

After the recommendation was made, without consultation of DOJ leadership, as would be the norm in a high-profile case, Barr rescinded the recommendation and made an adjusted recommendation using the offense level of 21.

While Barr’s letter did not specifically give a sentence recommendation, he did say the previous recommendation was extreme.

The implied meaning here was that the sentence should fall into the 37 to 46 months range of a level 21 offense.

President Trump had also sent out a tweet, which, according to Barr, happened after the letter was drafted and had no impact at all on his decision.

Trump’s tweet also stated the original sentence recommendation was far too stiff, and this is when all the fun started.

All of this then led to several prosecutors either recusing themselves from the case or outright resigning.

Again, political theater by anti-Trumpers withing the Department of Justice.

They will all undoubtedly be made out to be heroes by Democrats.

Dems Want Blood

With a failed impeachment effort, Democrats are now looking for any blood they can find, and that would appear to Barr on one level and Trump on another.

As soon as all this became public knowledge, Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) blew up Twitter and Rep. Nadler (D-N.Y.) promised to get to the bottom of it.

It was then announced that Barr would have to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to explain himself for a “troubling pattern” of conduct.

This is code for Dems think Barr is Trump’s lapdog and they want to try to embarrass him in public.

Rep Collins (R-GA) took this a step further and stated that he believes this is the first step for Democrats to make another run at impeachment while they are still in power.

Adding more fuel to the fire is Pete Buttigieg, who called for a special counsel investigation into the matter.

So, patriots, round and round we go with no hope at all that our current Congress will actually get back to work for We the People.

Instead, they appear to be fully prepared to continue this ridiculous dance until we can vote them all out of office in November.

Personally, I cannot wait to see Barr appear before Nadler in March to make a complete fool out of him.

This, again, is much ado about nothing but Dems will ramp up the political theater to make it sound as though we have a madman/dictator/king in the White House.

Source: National Review

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