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Barr Offered Limited Dems Unredacted Report… They Refused

Even before the Mueller report was released, Democrat leadership has been whining they want the full and unredacted version of it.

Well, as it turns out, Attorney General Barr offered leadership the opportunity to see unredacted parts of the report… and it was refused by Democrat leadership.

Not Good Enough

According to the report, Barr offered top-ranking officials on both Intelligence and Judiciary committees as well as House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer the opportunity to view the document.

However, because it was not the entire document with supporting material and would not be available to all members of Congress, the Democrats told him no.

The refusal letter sent to Barr stated:

“Unfortunately, your proposed accommodation – which among other things would prohibit discussion of the full report, even with other Committee Members – is not acceptable.

“Given the comprehensive factual findings presented by the Special Counsel’s Report, some of which will only be fully understood with access to the redacted material, we cannot agree to the conditions you are placing on our access to the full report.

“Nor can we agree to an arrangement that does not include a mechanism for ensuring access to grand jury material.”

Petulant Children

First and foremost, grand jury testimony is protected by law and Democrats know it.

Barr is under no obligation to share that information with Congress.

This was a huge concession by Barr, but it was for naught, as Democrats clearly just wanted something to complain about.

Democrats are trying to make it look like Barr is hiding something or actually working to protect the President.

If they accepted his offer, that narrative would have been taken out of play.

Now, they get to issue their subpoenas and rail against both Barr and Trump for the foreseeable future.

Of course, the Democrat narrative is further made possible because very few of the mainstream media outlets reported the offer by Barr.

They are just facilitating these attacks and the appearance of wrongdoing by Barr rather than telling the complete story.

You can read the full report on The Hill.

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