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Barr to Nadler: You’re a Real Class Act

There was an exchange between Barr and Rep. Nadler (D-N.Y.) during yesterday’s hearing that was absolutely epic.

Attorney General Barr had asked for a quick recess, which is usually not a problem.

Instead of immediately granting the recess, Nadler decided to play tough guy and turn Barr down.

Eventually, Nadler came out and said he did not want to give the recess because the hearing was almost done, however, that is not how he initially presented the situation.

It was only when Barr and several Republicans called out Nadler for his disrespectful denial that Nadler finally granted the recess.

You have to watch this exchange…

If you ever saw the movie “Nuts,” Barbara Streisand has a line in that movie that perfectly sums up Jerry Nadler.

In the movie, she is going off about her doctor possibly acting out of personal motives (sounds familiar?).

She responds, “But what if he’s wrong? What if his wife is out balling the insurance salesman? What if he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow? What if he’s just an asshole with power to lock me up? What if that’s all he is? An asshole with power.”

That is exactly what Jerry Nadler is… an asshole with power. And we need to take it away from him.

Source: Fox News

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