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Barr Vindicated: Liberal Judge Admits He Got It Right

Attorney General William Barr took significant heat from Democrats for making a new sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, with many of them calling for disciplinary measures such as disbarment and impeachment to asking for his resignation.

As it turns out, though, even the liberal judge sentencing Stone agreed that Barr was right and said as much during Stone’s sentencing.

How About an Apology?

When the original prosecutors made their recommendation, they did so on the basis of a “threat” that Stone had made to a witness.

This threat was never taken seriously by the alleged target and that witness even came forward to say as much.

The only people that believed the threat was serious were the prosecutors working the case.

When Barr saw the recommendation, he rescinded it and made a much lighter sentencing recommendation.

That recommendation was right on the money and was exactly what Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a notorious liberal, handed down to Stone.

During sentencing, Judge Berman Jackson said the original recommendation was “greater than necessary,” completely vindicating Barr stepping in.

Don’t expect any apologies anytime soon from Democrats, though.

Stone was sentenced to 40 months, but he was set free on bond due to the fact he still has a pending motion for a new trial based on the recent discovery of biased social media posts from the lead juror.

Quick to Judge

The outrage by Democrats is pretty typical of what we have seen during this cycle.

I have been very hard on Barr due to his lack of prosecutions from the Swamp, but I did 100 percent agree with his sentencing recommendation on this case.

Democrats, though, wanted to use it to make a case to have him removed as the Attorney General, which really makes no sense.

Barr has been far better for the corrupt liberals in place throughout our justice system and he has yet to take down a single corrupt politician, which is my beef with him.

While I am ecstatic this liberal judge sided with Barr, I still want to see a big name on trial for what happened in 2016 and I will not back off until that happens.

Our last hope to see that is probably the Durham investigation.

Durham is looking into some very big names, such as Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and McCabe, but there is also a very real likelihood the investigation only serves up a few underlings to pacify everyone.

If that happens and Barr decides not to indict any heads of state, all bets are off, and we will go after him with the same zealousness we have Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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