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Barron Trump Comes Under Attack by Classless Democrat

The children of presidents are supposed to be off-limits.

Disagree with the president, but always leave the young children out of it.

This is a rule that was not followed by Ellen Connally, a major player in the Ohio Democrat Party.

Classless Joke

Connally was throwing shade on President Trump over Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ attempt to cut funding for the Special Olympics.

DeVos’ announcement did not go over very well with anyone, including President Trump, who overruled DeVos on the cuts later in the week.

That, however, did not stop Connally from using Barron Trump as a punchline in her attack.

On her personal Facebook page, Connally allegedly wrote, “Trump kills funds for Special Olympics. Baron [sic] may need it some day.”

The post was reportedly deleted later, but an alternative outlet captured a screenshot of it before Connally was able to take it down.

Connally isn’t just some random Democrat, either.

She has significant influence in the local community, having served as both a Council President and Municipal Court Judge.

Children are Off Limits

Being the child of a president is no easy task, especially at that age.

When Chelsea came under attack, the Bush children came to her defense to get people to back off.

Chelsea returned the favor immediately after Trump won, slamming celebrities and media members that were publishing nasty articles about Barron.

She has also been quite vocal about protecting Obama’s daughters when several nasty stories were printed about them in the alternative media.

This is a rule that simply cannot be violated, especially by public officials.

And, when they do break it, they should be publicly shamed so it does not happen again.

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