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Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump as President Visits UK

Last week, Democrats blasted Trump for speaking ill of Joe Biden while he was on foreign soil.

Well, if that is a political sin, how bad is it for a member of Congress to call the sitting president the “most dangerous president in modern history” while he is on a state visit to the UK?

Refocusing on Trump

On Sunday, the newly neutral New York Times published an op-ed piece by Bernie Sanders.

It was a particularly interesting move by a publication that recently banned its journalists from appearing on partisan pundit shows.

In the piece, Sanders refocuses his attention on Trump, hitting him hard at every turn.

He wrote, “I am running for president because we must defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in the modern history of our country.

“But, if we are to defeat Mr. Trump, we must do more than focus on his personality and reactionary policies.

“We must understand that unfettered capitalism and the greed of corporate America are destroying the moral and economic fabric of this country, deepening the very anxieties that Mr. Trump appealed to in 2016.

“The simple truth is that big money interests are out of control, and we need a president who will stand up to them.”

From there, Sanders went after Amazon, Netflix, General Motors, the fossil fuel industry, and more.

Basically, anyone and anything that has been successful was on the plate to attack.

Stop Rewarding Mediocrity

Sanders’ entire platform is based on rewarding underachievers.

He wants to take the money from people that have worked hard to earn their way and give it to the individuals that like to sit on the couch for 16 hours a day eating bon-bons.

There is no other country in the world that rewards hard work as the United States.

The key, though, is that you have to work hard to get there.

Some of the companies Sanders is targeting literally started out of their garage.

What right does he have to take that away from them?

The fact is, he doesn’t, and most Americans simply are not buying what he is selling.

He has only exacerbated the disdain people will have for him by throwing a cheap shot at the President while he is on foreign soil.

You had your day in the sun Bernie, but the Democrat party took it from you by rigging the system for Hillary.

It is time for you and your fellow socialists to take a hike because this country is simply not interested in what you have to say anymore.

You can read Bernie Sanders’ op-ed in full in the New York Times.

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