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Bernie Sanders Flubs Town Hall with Fox News

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders loves to talk socialism, but he surely does not like to be called out on his own wealth.

During his recent Town Hall in Bethlehem, PA, Sanders scoffed at the idea of paying higher taxes now to set an example of how his tax plan would work.

The Rich Socialist

After the presidential campaign of 2016, Bernie Sanders wrote a best-selling book, generating millions for him.

However, Sanders was rich even before the book came out.

When Fox News anchor Brett Baier challenged Sanders as to why he took tax breaks to only pay 26 percent and if he would set the example by paying more, Sanders scoffed, then tried to flip the question about Donald Trump’s tax returns.

During the bulk of the Town Hall, Sanders had a significant attitude and combative tone with both Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier.

His combative attitude clearly was getting to Baier, who could be seen pursing his lips several times during the Town Hall meeting.

You can watch the full Town Hall meeting below:

Practice What You Preach

Sanders constantly tells everyone that we need to do more for the poor and needy.

While most of the wealthy in this country make significant donations to charity, Sanders only donated 3.4 percent of his earnings to charity, far below other millionaires in his class.

Again, when asked about it, his response was combative.

Sanders doesn’t like to be called out on his own ridiculousness because he is a complete fraud.

He is a wealthy politician that lives off fat benefits courtesy of John Q. Public.

One pundit estimated the profits from Sanders’ book would have paid the health care bill for more than 300 of Vermont’s residents, but don’t expect Sanders to write that check anytime soon.

Sanders is rich because he is a politician and if he becomes president, he will get even richer through speaking engagements and more books.

He is tapping into an emotion to try to win over poor Americans and change the ideology of this country into something that has failed on every occasion.

Yes, we do need to do more for our elderly and our homeless, but the answer is not to punish the individuals that work hard to become successful.

The problem in this country is not the wealthiest, it is the absurd amount of individuals choosing to stay on entitlement programs rather than getting off their couch to get a job.

The problem is the absurd amount of illegals residing in this country receiving benefits to which they should not be entitled and working under the table to rob real citizens and legal residents of opportunities.

Sadly, if Sanders becomes president, the very people dragging this country down will have even less incentive to pursue a better life and more incentive to keep their butts right on that couch.

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