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Bernie Sanders Leaves Campaign Trail for Medical Emergency

If there is one thing a 78-year-old presidential candidate does not need it is medical problems on the campaign trail.

That is the exact scenario Bernie Sanders now faces, though.

Sanders’ campaign announced Bernie will stepping off the trail for a bit after having an emergency procedure on Tuesday.

Blocked Artery

I guess all that time at the Iowa State Fair eating corndogs toll its took on Bernie’s health.

According to his campaign, doctors had to perform an emergency procedure on Tuesday to repair a blocked artery.

His campaign stated, “We are canceling his event and appearances until further notice, and we will continue to provide appropriate updates.”

Sanders started having problems Tuesday night at an event in Nevada.

After being taken to the hospital for an examination, doctors discovered the blocked artery.

Bad Timing

The timing of the medical emergency could not have been worse for Sanders.

News of his third-quarter fundraising numbers had just been published, giving him a small boost due to the fact he outpaced every other candidate in the Democrat race.

His age, however, has always been a concern, as it is with Biden.

Voters want to know the person they vote for is going to be in office, not the VP on the ticket.

If Sanders were to win, he would be having his 80th birthday party during his first year in office, not exactly offering a lot of confidence to voters.

Jimmy Carter recently stated there was no way he could have handled being president in his 80s, so this latest emergency definitely gives pause for concern to his voters.

At this time, Sanders’ campaign not given an expected date of return to trail by Bernie, just that they would update as necessary.

Source: Fox News

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