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Bernie Sanders: Trump ‘creates a climate’ for Hate Crimes

While several presidential candidates have outright blamed Trump for the most recent mass shootings, Bernie Sanders was not willing to go that far.

Instead, Sanders accused Trump of creating a “climate” that encourages these hate crimes to occur.

It’s Always on Trump

While Sanders is using a different approach, he is still putting the blame on Trump for something that has been occurring in this country for years.

Sanders stated, “I think that what he has created in this country with his incredible rhetoric, his racist rhetoric, where he calls Mexicans rapists and criminals, where he almost condones in a rally when someone was attacking somebody.

“He creates a climate where we are seeing a significant increase in hate crimes in this country.

“He is creating the kind of divisiveness in this nation that is the last thing that we should be doing…He creates the climate, but do I think that he wants to see somebody get shot? Absolutely not.”

Wrong Again Bernie

If mass shootings were a new phenomenon, perhaps Bernie could make his case, but they are not.

These types of shooting happened almost three dozen times while Barack Obama was in office.

According to Mother Jones, here are the mass shootings in recent history under each president:

Barack Obama – 38

George W. Bush – 15

Bill Clinton – 18

George H. W. Bush – 7

Mass shootings under Barack Obama more than doubled while he was in office, but not a single person ever accused him of creating an environment that encouraged these types of attacks.

Of the 38 mass shootings that happened while Obama was president, seven of them involved more than 10 people losing their lives.

The argument could easily be made the rhetoric that started once Obama entered office is what actually started this civil war that is brewing in this country.

One could also argue the constant attacks against Trump and conservatives by Democrats while constantly railing for illegal immigrants has continued to fuel that hatred.

The problem here is not Trump, clearly, as virtually every president has had to deal with mass shootings during their time in office.

However, with the massive uptick during the Obama administration, it is very clear where the real problem started.

Mind you, I am not suggesting we put the blame on Obama, but when Sanders talks about creating a climate of hate that encourages these shootings, that climate started to fester on January 20, 2009.

Source: Fox News / Mother Jones

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