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Beto Calls for Trump Resignation

Beto O’Rourke is more or less out of the presidential race, but he continues to try to make himself relevant.

With all the fuss about Trump’s Ukraine call, the Democrat presidential candidate is demanding Trump resign to “allow this country to heal.”

Causing the Divide

Remember when Democrats promised to end the taunts and try to help the country heal after the presidential election?

Hillary herself led the charge, which lasted all of about one day.

Trump had not even taken his oath when Democrats went on the attack against conservatives and this president and that attack has continued ever since.

Simply because they have refused to accept the election results, they have been tearing this country apart while at the same telling everyone we all need to heal.

Same Story, Different Speaker

Beto has continued that trend by Democrats.

Pure filth has come out of his mouth during this election cycle, yet he is the first one to blame Trump for the divide rather than take account for his part in it.

Beto stated, “The best possible path, especially if you’re concerned about a country that’s never been more divided, perhaps more highly polarized every day, is for this President to resign, allow this country to heal and ensure that we come back together with the greatest, most ambitious agenda we’ve ever faced, none of it possible while he remains in power.”

The ambitious agenda of which he speaks is to try to turn our Republic into a socialist country.

Also, notice how there is not even a hint in investigating the possible wrongdoings by Joe Biden.

For some reason, Democrats do not think there is anything shady about a Vice President’s son making hundreds of thousands of dollars from a corrupt country his father held an aid package hostage over.

Nobody is talking about the fact Hunter Biden was traveling on Air Force 2 for personal business when Joe Biden was in office or the connections he made in Ukraine and China because of his father.

There is only one reason this country is divided right now and that is because Democrats refuse to move on.

Believe it not, the voice of reason in all of this was Cory Booker.

The New Jersey Democrat Senator stated, “We should go where the facts lead us, not where fears or hopes or, all that stuff should be seared away.

“Let’s focus on doing what is necessary right now, which is the pursuit of the truth. More will come out.”

More is going to come out, Corey, but I have a feeling it will not be the information Democrats are hoping for.

Source: CNN

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