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Beto O’Rourke Going Down in Flames

Beto O’Rourke became a media sweetheart during the Senate election when he lost to Ted Cruz.

After his loss, we immediately heard rumblings O’Rourke was going to run for president, which generated even more interest in the liberal Texan.

When he initially announced, he had one of the best first-day fundraising totals of any candidate in the race, but the tide has changed severely since that day, as O’Rourke has hit an all-time low in the most recent polls.

Sinking Quickly

Getting off to a quick start in the primary is of the utmost importance, but things are not looking good at all for Beto.

In the latest Monmouth University Poll for likely New Hampshire voters, O’Rourke has sunk to sixth place, with only two percent of likely voters to pull the handle for him.

As expected, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the pack with 36 percent, doubling his closest competitor (Bernie Sanders 18 percent).

It Gets Worse

It would be pretty easy to say that New Hampshire is one state and it really doesn’t mean anything, but that is not the case here.

The numbers in New Hampshire are very much reflective of O’Rourke’s overall appeal throughout the country.

For instance, O’Rourke is also ranking sixth in Google searches during the last 30-day drag.

Those numbers are pretty much in line with the results from the New Hampshire poll, with Biden and Bernie leading the way.

In national polls, O’Rourke has also been struggling, barely able to crack five percent in most of them.

Additionally, his fundraising has slowed down considerably, making that opening salvo look more like a mirage than reality.

Even those numbers were misleading, though, as some of his initial $6.1 million was earmarked for the general election and cannot be used in the primary race.

O’Rourke has also had a media problem over the last month or so.

When his name is mentioned, it seems to be attached to a negative story, hurting his image even more.

The turnout for his appearances has been less than stellar recently as well, with his Las Vegas appearance not even garnering 50 people.

The bottom line here is that unless O’Rourke has a significant moment in the first debate, his presidential hopes will be all but over by the time the election results in New Hampshire are announced.

If he makes it to Super Tuesday, it will pretty much be a miracle at this point.

Source: Monmouth University Poll

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