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Biden Advisers Just Delivered the Bad News

On the surface, everyone is saying that Georgia should be easy peasy for Democrats.

They are fully expecting to win both of these Senate seats in the runoff election

Biden’s top advisers, however, are privately telling Joe Biden to tap on the brakes before throwing a party.

According to a report in Politico, while the Biden team is optimistic, “Privately, Biden’s team does not expect to win the races, according to Democratic officials.”

While there have been rumors that Republicans would sit out the election in protest, Trump made his way to Georgia last night to encourage them to show up.

Trump stated, “Kelly fights for me, David fights for me, that I can tell you, the whole world is watching the people of Georgia tomorrow and you got to swamp ’em because everything is so crooked.”

While there are reportedly about two million early ballots cast, we fully expect today’s numbers to rival the general election.

You can read more about this report in Politico.

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