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Biden Busted Using Teleprompter on Media Interview

How long have I been saying that Joe Biden is getting answers fed to him by his handlers?

A new video has just proven me right and now we have him dead to rights!

Biden Caught

Biden recently did yet another interview from his basement, but this time he made a major gaffe.

When Biden was interviewing with yet another late-night host slobbering all over him, he held up a picture of him and his sons.

The problem was that the glass in the frame gave off a reflection of what Biden had staring at him.

In the reflection, you can clearly see a teleprompter where the entire dialogue seems to have been scripted out for Biden.

Biden Is So Busted

Basement Biden busted when teleprompter shows in reflection

Posted by Sean Hannity on Saturday, September 12, 2020

I guess now we know why Biden continues to refuse to take questions from journalists when he does his brief appearances.

Now we just need to find out who the puppet master is!

Source: Sean Hannity Facebook

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