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Biden Called Out at Town Hall for ‘Fossil Fuel’ Fundraiser

As a member of the Democrat party, Joe Biden is supposed to be all about going green and using renewable energy as well as crushing the fossil fuel sector.

During his most recent Town Hall, though, one of the attendees called out Joe Biden over the fact his Thursday night fundraiser was being held at the home of Andrew Goldman.

Andrew Goldman, for those you that don’t know, is the co-founder of Western LNG.

Western LNG is a Houston-based natural gas production company.

Damage Control

Biden tried to double talk his way out of the event and actually started using Trump talking points as a way to justify holding a fundraiser at the home of a wealthy fossil fuel company owner’s home.

When Biden arrived at the fundraiser, he also tried to give a few disclaimers just in case anyone was recording, which they were.

Biden opened up his remarks by saying “there was a discussion and I think a mild misrepresentation of what was going on relative to climate.”

Biden, of course, never stated what that misrepresentation was.

He would go on to say, “I just want to be very clear to everyone here: I am committed to not raising money from fossil fuel executives and I am not doing that tonight.

“Climate change presents an existential threat, and it is real.”

I am sure there were a few winks and a couple of nods as he was saying that.

More Lies from Biden’s Campaign

Joe Biden’s campaign adviser, Symone D. Sanders, tried to control the situation after the Town Hall, saying Anderson Cooper was wrong in calling Goldman a fossil fuel executive…

However, the company website and Goldman’s LinkedIn page tell a different story.

Here are screenshots proving what Sanders stated is, in fact, another lie being told by the Biden Campaign.

On the left is Goldman’s LinkedIn profile and on the right is the leadership profile from Western LNG’s website:

Andrew Goldman on Western LNG

Biden is lying, again, and he must be called out on this by the mainstream media.

This simply cannot be written off as another cute Biden gaffe because it is an outright light on what is a major issue for his party.

Source: Fox News

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