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Biden Campaign Slapped with More Allegations

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is dealing with more allegations of inappropriate behavior, but this time the allegations are being made by the media.

Several reporters are complaining that Biden’s staff invaded their personal space and acted “out of line” in order to keep them away from Biden.

Protecting Their Candidate

The reports surfaced when a series of tweets were sent out by a freelancer named Marcus DiPaola.

DiPaola describes several incidents where Biden staffers tried to physically block reporters from being able to ask Biden any questions…

There was also a third reporter claiming a Biden staff member blocked his camera with her hands so he could not take a picture of Biden.

DiPaola himself experienced some problems by Biden’s staff while waiting by a public exit to question Biden as he was leaving the event.

The Biden staffer told them they not only had to leave the area but they would also not be able to ask Biden any questions.

DiPaola stated, “If you want a secure exit for a candidate, you buy a venue where you can get in and out of the car while you’re on private property.

“But when you’re on public property, you have no expectation of privacy or ability to restrict my movement.”

Not the First Time

Biden has a long record of trying to limit press access and in one instance, even tried to confiscate pictures.

In 2013, Jeremy Barr was covering an event for a University of Maryland publication when he was told he needed to delete pictures he had taken by a Biden staffer.

Barr stated, “Much to my surprise, she told me that I had violated protocol by sitting in the general audience section rather than at the press table at the back of the room.

“As such, she said, I had gained an unfair advantage over the rest of the corps.”

Not only did the staffer make him delete the photos, she also watched him scroll through his phone to make sure no “secret” photos of Biden were taken.

After the incident, Barr did receive an apology from Biden’s office.

One of the most horrifying tales, though, happened in 2011.

A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel was put inside a storage closet while Biden appeared at a fundraiser for then-Senator Bill Nelson (D-FLA).

The reporter, Scott Powers, said he would stick his head out from time-to-time and would be told, “We’ll let you know when you can come out.”

Again, the Biden office apologized, but there is an obvious trend developing here.

DiPaola is urging Biden to set the record straight now and stop this Gestapo-like behavior by the Democrat candidate.

He stated, “We push for answers on things that matter to a lot of different people.

“Don’t try to subvert the sacred democratic tradition of the press asking questions of candidates.”

Source: Fox News

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