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Biden Campaign’s Coronavirus Update Fails Washington Post Fact Check

With traditional campaigning halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden has resorted to doing a daily coronavirus update and putting out videos on the government response to the pandemic.

The Washington Post graded his first video and it was an epic failure.

To What Purpose?

The fact Joe Biden is willing to hold a daily broadcast with the sole purpose of undermining the daily task force briefing is horrific.

He is hoping to spread false narratives solely to gain political points to win the upcoming election.

Joe Biden is not in office, so there simply is no good that can come from these daily briefings that are not really briefings.

The sad thing, though, is that the media is buying into this wholesale.

Yesterday, several channels cut away from the coronavirus task force update simply because they don’t like Trump.

The media wants everyone to believe Trump is spewing lies and forcing the task force to use his talking points rather than the facts.

The media then turns around and treats Joe Biden as though he is actually in the Oval Office, setting policy, and allowing him to spew his rhetoric at a time when the country is looking for real answers and real facts about what they can expect, things Joe Biden cannot provide.

This is an example of the personal updates Joe Biden is offering to the country during this crisis…

Joe Biden gets confused, loses track of teleprompter

Joe Biden gets confused, loses track of teleprompter and then calls Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts ‘Charlie Parker’

Posted by Sean Hannity on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

First, can you imagine a Republican doing this during Obama’s presidency and what would have happened?

Secondly, exactly how is anyone supposed to gain confidence from this blabbering?

Caught Again

Joe Biden has been telling tales out of school throughout his campaign, and he was caught lying again.

Biden is trying to evoke fear that Trump did something wrong and not only held back information, but that he also silenced those that had the information we needed.

This week, in addition to Biden’s broadcast, his campaign put out a video with Ron Klain, who served as Obama’s Ebola response coordinator.

Klain claimed that “anyone who raised an alarm about this, a red flag, was silenced.”

Klain was referring to Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the doctor that addressed the coronavirus and how serious it was during a February 25 phone briefing.

In the video, Klain stated, “Starting the next day, Dr. Messonnier no longer appeared at public briefings of the White House coronavirus task force.

“The president and the White House sent a clear message to scientists in the government — there would be a price for speaking out and speaking up.”

When WaPo fact-checked the video, the publication rated it “Four Pinocchios,” stating that this claim was “simply wrong.”

I have said it before and I will say it again, allowing Biden to continue to spew these lies during a national crisis is beyond dangerous.

The original statement always gets more headlines than the correction so once again, the damage here has been done.

Here’s an idea… before ANY campaign video can be aired, we appoint an independent commission that has to fact check the information to ensure the public is not being misled.

That, of course, will never happen because our entire political system is built upon lies… that is all they know how to do.

Source: Washington Post & Fox News

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