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Biden Caves and Apologizes for Segregationist Comments

Several weeks ago, Joe Biden made working with open segregationists in his own party seem like the good old days.

After being called out by Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, Biden initially refused to apologize and took a massive hit in the polls.

Now, however, Biden has seen the error of his ways and issued a formal apology for his remarks.

Joe the Puppet

Joe Biden has always had a reputation as a hard head.

He may seem like an old sweet grandfather on TV, but the reports of his “holier than though” attitude has followed him around for years.

That attitude and tack worked for him his entire career, but in the new age of the snowflake, Biden is learning that he has to eat a big plate of crow every now and again to stay relevant.

The party has put significant heat on Biden to distance himself from the good old days and Biden finally caved.

While making a campaign appearance in South Carolina this weekend, Biden stated, “Now, was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again?”

“Yes, I was.

“I regret it, and I’m sorry for any of the pain of misconception that caused anybody.”

Clearly, this apology was force-fed to Biden because it was not more than a week ago he demanded Cory Booker apologize to him for even hinting that Biden’s comments were wrong.

Fading Joe

The fact of the matter is, Joe Biden has come to the painful conclusion his campaign is spiraling out of control.

Just as some of his fellow Democrats, including AOC, have accused him of being, Biden is out of touch with the current state of the party.

In a day and age when Confederate monuments and George Washington murals are being removed, you cannot tell war stories about sitting next to a bunch of racists and call them better days.

Recovery Joe

Biden has switched gears and is now trying to distance himself from his entire career before serving as Barack Obama’s vice president.

He stated, “If you look at the issues I’ve been attacked on, nearly every one of them is for something well before 2007.

“It’s as if my opponents want you to believe I served from 1972 until 2008 — and then took the next eight years off.

“They don’t want to talk much about my time as vice president.

“I was vetted by (Obama) and selected by him.

“I will take his judgment of my record, my character, and my ability to handle the job over anyone else’s.”

If that is the new tack by Biden, he is in really big trouble.

Everyone in this country knows a VP is selected for one reason and one reason only, to get votes out of a particular demographic come election day and nothing more.

Biden spent almost four decades in office prior to becoming VP and he has almost nothing to show for it.

He clamors for progress and change, yet he had almost four decades to create that change in Washington and failed.

Sorry Joe, but you WILL be judged on your record in the Senate whether you like it or not.

No wonder Barack Obama has not come forward to endorse you yet… because you are a sinking ship!

Source: New York Daily News

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