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Biden Caves to AOC to Gain Her Support

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has been very vocally opposed to Joe Biden getting the Democrat nod.

Biden took a huge step to gain her support this week by using the Green New Deal as the framework for his own agenda on climate control.

Biden Clean Energy Plan

Joe Biden’s clean energy plan is a far cry from the Green New Deal, but it was definitely influenced by her plan.

Biden went out of his way to note the influence AOC had in his package.

The major difference, though, is the monetary commitment of the plan.

AOC’s plan would cost about $93 trillion to implement.

Joe Biden has a much more realistic $1.7 trillion.

However, Biden is also leveraging about $5 trillion from the private sector as well as state and local government investments.

Most of the federal expense will be met by rolling back the tax cut put in play by Republicans and the Trump administration.

Biden is working overtime to sell the tax cut as “only” working for the top one percenters and big corporations, but we debunked that claim earlier this year.

Sucking Up to AOC

Biden has not been able to get on AOC’s good side since he announced.

When pushed about who she would back, AOC stated a vote for Biden is like taking a step backward, and she wants the party to move forward.

She also hit him pretty hard on the climate issue in May…

When discussing Biden’s new plan, his campaign was clearly looking for the support of AOC.

The campaign specifically cites two claims made in the Green New Deal.

The campaign stated the nation “urgently needs to embrace the greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge” as well as claiming the country’s economy and the environment “are completely and totally connected.”

Biden made two more points that will surely score points with AOC.

He promised to sign a series of executive orders “with unprecedented reach that go well beyond the Obama-Biden administration platform and put us on the right track.”

The “right track,” according to Biden, is having the entire country on renewable energy by 2050.

The Democrat candidate also promised to take action against fossil fuel companies.

Clearly, Biden is pandering for the support of AOC, at least for after the primary is over, just in case he gets the nod.

He may not need her to get past the primary, but there is no way Biden or any other candidate has a shot to defeat Trump unless they get the entire party behind one candidate, something the party was unable to do during the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton.

Source: Fox News

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