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Biden Claims He Recommended Invoking DPA a ‘Month Ago,’ But It’s Another Lie

At some point, the media is going to have to hold Joe Biden accountable for his words, but that does not appear to be anytime soon.

On March 18, President Trump activated the Defense Product Act (DPA), then invoked its powers on March 27.

After this happened, while holding a roundtable discussion with first responders, Joe Biden stated, “The good news I just heard about ten minutes ago.. is that president has just finally implemented the act and he’s ordered GM to make ventilators.

“That’s really good news. Now we were suggesting he do that over a month ago but the point is he’s done it and I congratulate him for it.”

Again, that is another lie from Joe Biden.

Invoking the Powers of the DPA

While Trump activated the DPA in mid-March, he was reluctant to use its full powers because so many companies had stepped up to offer their help in producing ventilators and PPE equipment.

After getting frustrated with the negation process, Trump fully invoked the powers of the DPA on March 27.

Joe Biden, as you read above, claims that he was recommending this “over a month ago,” which would mean late February.

The first mention that we could find from Joe Biden regarding invoking the DPA was on March 18, AFTER Trump announced that he would be activating the legislation.

Biden the Fraud

The media despises Donald Trump, but allowing this level of deception is so misleading to the American people, and this is not the first time.

If you recall, after the Trump administration initially unveiled its coronavirus response, Joe Biden more or less plagiarized the entire response and posted it on his website.

He then went on media outlets touting his plan as though he was presenting something new, even though the entire response had already been put in play by the Trump administration.

This is something that was thoroughly investigated and reported on by Breitbart at the time.

The media is selling this man as some sort of brilliant savior, pretending that if Joe Biden had been president, not a single American would be dying right now.

I have asked this question dozens of times of various Democrats, including Biden, but none of them have dared to answer.

If the Democrats could have handled this better or had a better response, why then did not a single Democrat step up with a recommendation or hit the panic button until AFTER Trump made his initial request for funding?

Trump even addressed the coronavirus during his SOTU speech, a speech Nancy Pelosi tore up, by the way, and still, not a single Democrat called into question anything he was doing to that point.

It’s all lies for the sake of gaining power.

We can shred this response as much as we want after this crisis is over, but the reality is that if you are going to rate this response a failure, there is not an elected person in office on either side of the aisle throughout local, state, or federal government that is not to blame for any shortcomings we find.

Source: Breitbart, The Hill, Law & Crime, Fox News

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