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Biden Continues to Stockpile Attorneys for Election Battle

If anyone thought winning this election was going to be easy, they better think again.

Even if Trump does win the election, don’t expect Joe Biden to go quietly.

Reports are breaking all over the internet that Biden is building a force of hundreds of attorneys to fight election results if the count is close.

On Monday, those reports were further solidified by a New York Times story that Dana Remus and Bob Bauer are joining Biden’s team to lead the legal effort to fight for “election integrity.”

Bauer is a former Obama official and Remus has been serving as the general counsel for the Biden campaign.

Additionally, Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has joined the legal army of Biden.

And yes, this is the same man that once bragged about being Obama’s wingman, yet blasts Attorney General William Barr is being Trump’s errand boy every chance he gets.

We were first made aware of the Biden team’s legal strategy back in July when Biden himself let the cat out of the bag at a private fundraiser.

At the time, Biden stated, “We put together 600 lawyers and a group of people throughout the country who are going into every single state to try to figure out whether chicanery is likely to take place.”

You can read the full report on as well as additional information about Biden’s election legal team on the New York Times.

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