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Biden Halts New Oil and Gas Permits on U.S. Lands and Waters

Biden tried to walk a very fine line during the election in regard to the oil and gas industry.

Well, after just a few days in office, that industry just found out who little Joe Biden thinks of its workers.

Biden has already halted the Keystone XL pipeline, essentially killing tens of thousands of jobs both here and in Canada.

Now, the administration has issued a 60-day suspension on all new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits on U.S. lands and waters.

Ongoing projects will not be impacted by the new order, but it still sent a shudder throughout the industry and its workforce.

Biden’s new approach is about as far to the other end of the spectrum as was Trump’s, who worked hard to allow America to become energy independent.

That will surely not be the case if Joe Biden and his fellow progressives are able to carry out their energy agenda.

Source: Daily Caller

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