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Biden Has Disastrous Appearance in New Hampshire

Joe Biden is a self-admitted gaffe machine, but his appearance in New Hampshire went well beyond simple gaffes.

Biden got absolutely slammed by several media outlets after telling his audience to imagine what this country would have been like if “Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee.”

What Was He Thinking?

After Biden made the statement about Obama, the media absolutely lit him up.

Several reporters were clearly going for clickbait, only giving his quote without putting it into context.

The entire statement by Biden was:

“My two political heroes were Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. My senior semester, they were both shot and killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would have happened in America?”

After reporters sent out stories with headlines ONLY using the Obama assassination angle, Biden’s fast response team tried to cover for the aging presidential candidate…

Regardless of Biden’s intention, though, this did not go over well with anyone.

Not only was he once again invoking Obama’s name, but he was doing so in a fairly horrific way.

It Gets Worse

The New Hampshire speech would have been considered a failure if this was the only gaffe, but it was one of many for Biden on this day.

While discussing his health care option, Biden stated, “We’ll make sure it’s not quality, we’ll make sure it’s only affordable, quality that’s affordable.”

He then addressed the premiums, stating, “they will, in fact, will increase their premiums.”

He would later correct himself and say the tax credits would be increased, but it still went as yet another gaffe for Biden.

There were several more, including a comment some deemed to be inappropriate about his wife.

Biden simply cannot continue to make these kinds of mistakes on the campaign trail.

Democrats and the media can only offer up excuses for so long.

The fact so many liberal outlets pitched the Obama headline the way they did seems to hint the media may finally be ready to put Biden on equal ground and hold him accountable for what he says, as they should.

Source: Fox News

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