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Biden HHS Nominee Dodges Senator Paul’s Questions on Transgender Therapies

Wow… that is all I can say after seeing Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) absolutely expose Joe Biden’s nominee for a top position in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Rachel Levine, who served as the Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, is a transgender nominated by Biden to serve in the HHS.

Levine blatantly avoided some very difficult questions posed by Paul that really needed to be answered and it is just hard to imagine any Republican voting to approve this nomination.

Genital Mutilation

We have all seen the move in this country to end any type of gender identity.

We now have liberals advocating for children to decide their gender when they are barely starting grade school.

The procedures that are done are significant, and in far too many cases, the individual regrets having the procedures carried out.

Paul’s questions drew the ire of the left, but they are very relevant considering Levine’s background on this and the power this position will yield.

Rather than answering the Senator’s questions, however, Levine just spewed a canned answer and sidestepped it completely…

It is horrifying to think that this individual could be openly advocating for these surgeries on children and there is simply no way any Republican should be approving this nomination.

I would also highly encourage parents that are Democrats and concerned about these procedures to start taking notes on which of their fellow Democrats approve of this nomination and hold them accountable by voting them out of office regardless of what happens with Levine’s nomination.

Source: Breitbart

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