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Biden: Hispanic Community Diverse, UNLIKE African American Community

I have sidestepped around this issue for most of the campaign, but there is no sense in holding back any longer after Joe Biden’s most recent comments about the African American community.

Joe Bide is a racist, period.


Joe Biden has made plenty of comments over the course of the last year or so that would have been deemed racist had they come out of anyone else’s mouth.

He continues to get a pass from the African American community and his comments are always explained away afterward by what he really meant to say.

I honestly thought that would end when he made his “you ain’t black” comment to Charlamagne the God, but he came out of that fairly unscathed.

His latest comments, however, were far worse and if they had come out of the mouth of Trump, it would be all the rage and liberal heads would have exploded…

Now, in today’s world, it does not get any more racist than what Biden said.

The Lame Apology

As expected, after Biden made his comments, the usual suspects surfaced to try to explain what Joe Biden really meant.

Biden also offered up a lame apology via Twitter…


I can say with fair certainty, though, Joe Biden was not the author of that tweet, as I would suspect one of his handlers went to work on it right after those words came out of his mouth.

Katrina Pierson, a campaign adviser for Trump, hit the nail on the head with her comments on the subject…

Biden gets to make statements like this unchallenged by the media and from what I can see today, this is not even considered controversial.

I would love for someone in the African American community to explain to me how his comments were not offensive and how they can still justify pulling the handle for this man come November.

Source: Breitbart

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