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Biden Loses His ‘Line’ During Interview

Joe Biden has been stepping out lately and doing more and more interviews.

From what I have seen, these interviews, at least for the most part, seem to have been completely scripted.

I can now say that with even more confidence after watching Biden’s Telemundo interview this week.

Oops, Joe Did It Again

Biden has already read headers and side notes during interviews, which is where the suspicion came that he was being fed answers by his handlers via a teleprompter

During Biden’s Telemundo interview, not only did he slip up again, but the “journalist” was complicit in trying to help him cover it up.

Watch the video below and wait for Biden to talk about losing his line.

When that happens, the interviewer tries to cover it up and tells Biden that they can talk about it later…

The Democrat presidential candidate is an actor reading lines… and a bad one at that!

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