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Biden Makes Crazy Promise to Voters in Iowa

Biden has made some pretty big mistakes over the last two weeks, but he really made a doozy when he visited Iowa yesterday.

Joe Biden made a promise only a massive stroke of luck would enable him to deliver on in that he promised to cure cancer if he is elected president…

Say Whatever It Takes

Over the last few weeks, we have seen Joe Biden take about four decades of a political career and toss it into the blender.

Not to say he has actually ever achieved anything during all of his time in office, but he was more or less consistent with his platform during that time.

Something else that Biden has done consistently is that Biden has been willing to say just about anything if he thinks it will get him elected.

But, telling voters you are going to be responsible for curing cancer is taking it just a bit too far.

Mind you, he did not back up his claim with any information or offer any insight, he just made the claim that if the good people of this country are willing to elect him, he will provide them with the cure for cancer.

Campaign Falling Apart

Biden has taken a lot of hits over the last two weeks.

Quite frankly, any other candidate the race would be out of the race if they committed the blunders Biden had recently.

However, Biden, at one point, had close to a 20-point lead, so he did have some room for error.

In April, that lead shrunk down to about 15 percent.

In May, Biden’s lead went down a few more points and the latest Quinnipiac poll has that lead all the way down to 11 points.

Biden has everything in his favor and yet he is still losing ground rapidly.

The party is behind him, Wall Street is behind him, anti-Trump Republicans are behind him, Super PACs are behind him, yet this is still Joe Biden.

As this campaign continues, he will say more stupid things that will be his undoing and that lead will continue to shrink.

The good news for Biden, however, is it may actually be impossible to say something stupider than promising to cure cancer if he wins this election.

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