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Biden Makes Nasty Allegation Against Trump in Front of Black Church Congregation

As Joe Biden rails against Bernie Sanders for putting out a “doctored” video about him, he is throwing some pretty big mud cakes on his own.

While appearing before a black congregation in South Carolina on Sunday, Biden insinuated President Donald Trump is all too cozy with members of the KKK.

A New Low

Biden is like a rat trapped in a corner right now.

The walls are starting to close in around him and his own party members are now saying they would welcome Hunter Biden being called to the stand during the impeachment trial.

On top of that, Biden’s record on public programs like Medicare and Social Security are all coming to light, not to mention Joe’s days of coddling up to segregationists and racists within his own party.

The best form of deflection is to reflect your own shortcomings onto others, and that is exactly what Biden did this weekend.

While addressing the congregation, he stated, “What I realized is that hate just hides.

“And it when it comes out from under the rocks, when it gets a little bit of oxygen.

“This president and his–the Ku Klux Klans and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again but they have no idea. We’re just coming back.”

This is all Biden has right now, a narrative that has been debunked time and time again.

Yet, here he is, insulting a minority congregation by telling them more lies, as if they don’t have the intelligence to learn the truth about his claims on their own.

Two Can Play This Game

If Biden wants to go down this path, we are going to be more than happy to help him.

Mr. Biden is clearly becoming a bit fragile in the mind when it comes to both his record and his son, Hunter.

We need to keep pressing him on these issues at every appearance. We don’t need to be loud or insulting, just constantly press him on his record and the fact his son is a deadbeat dad that was made rich through Joe Biden’s contacts.

There are already cracks in the foundation, we just need to wedge them open a bit more.

We have plenty of time to expose this fraud for what he really is and now that his fellow Democrats are starting to apply pressure too, it is only a matter of time before we are able to expose the long and deep-rooted corruption of Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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